WHMNet System

World Heritage Memory Net (WHMNet) uses the advanced LINUX/MySQL/PHP-based Integrated Multimedia Content Retrieval System (i-M-C-S) which Professor Chen and her R & D Group developed for WHMNet and Global Memory Net (GMNet) from 2005 until August 2010 at Simmons College under the sponsorship of the US National Science Foundation, and Global Connection and Collaboration (GlobalCC) from September 2010 to the present.

WHMNet provides multilingual, multimedia and multiformat resources on all World Heritage properties from museums, archives, libraries, and world bibliographic and Web resources, and includes photographs, videos, 360° panophotographies, audio clips, and documents. To accommodate WHMNet's needs, much modification and enhancement of the i-M-C-S system had to be made, and many new features were added, which resulted in WHMNet's unique multilingual, temporal, and geographic retrieval capabilities. These include Map Search, Country Search, Timeline Search, as well as Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) which allows instant cross-country, cross-cultural retrieval of images of similar nature, color and shape.*

Currently the WHMNet Collection contains more than 40,000 images, 27 video tours, many more video documentaries from available sources, and access to more than 250 360° panophotographies courtesy of Tito Dupret of patrimonium-mundi.org. Detailed descriptive information is presented in multilingual format in at least 6 UNESCO official languages and in many additional languages when available. In total, 103 world languages are represented.

* Because of the nonprofit educational nature of WHMNet, we are grateful to Professor James Z. Wang of Penn State University for the continuing incorporation of his original content-based image retrieval technology, SIMPLIcity.